Return to normality – normality.

After a week spent witnessing the work of health staff in Jaipur and Delhi with Save the Children India I faced a barrage of questions on my return to work today. Where to begin! How fortunate we are that for a maternity department focussing on normality, our ‘normal’ is the assumption that safety is a given, and quality one-to-one care fulfilling women’s dreams of the perfect birth is the aim. For millions of others normal means going hungry and risking your life to give birth. Every 7 minutes a woman dies in childbirth in India. ‘Incredible India’ as the tourist advertisement states. Incredible that a quarter of the worlds child deaths occur there.

Hopefully this blog will enable me to put into words the numerous visions, experiences, delights and challenges we saw. Just need to put them into some sort of order first….


One thought on “Return to normality – normality.

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